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How is it possible that you teach AI in just three weeks with zero coding experience?

It is important to realize that we are not teaching all the content of AI in three weeks, but rather are showing students how to learn AI through lecturing, working on projects and listening to our guest speakers. At the end of the session, students can take what they learned and apply to other hobbies and interests. At the same time, we give them the exposure in how an AI product is made, which stays generally true despite rapid development in the AI space. Students do not need any coding experience to start because we will teach Python first and make sure that they are proficient with programming before we teach them about data systems and machine learning. We will also teach some command line knowledge to allow them to use cloud machines and manage files efficiently.

Do you provide any scholarship? If so, what is the process for you to give scholarship?

Yes, we do provide scholarships for qualified students from low-income families. This is both a merit and need based scholarship. To qualify for the scholarship, we will need 3 things: 1) submit one application and indicate that you need a scholarship (please state it in the optional question). 2) submit your family previous year tax return. 3) we will conduct a final interview. Apply as early as you can as we have very limited space, and we will close the application as soon as we have enough qualified students.

What programming languages and algorithms you are teaching?

We teach the necessary for our students to make an AI product. So far, Python seems to be the winner for our language, and Pandas is our choice for data manipulation. We will also teach about data engineering systems such as data lake and pipelines. In deep learning, we will teach simple feed-forward networks, convolutional networks, how to train a neural networks and computer vision. But this will depend on the exact projects students pick. For a more detailed description of the curriculum, check out the curriculum page ( www.ai-camp.org/curriculum).

Is online learning a good way to teach AI?

Yes, our past experience and data proved that we can effectively teach students about coding and AI online. We have taught hundreds of students online as well as offline. Reflecting our experiences and students' progresses, we know online learning is very effective. In addition, we have the following tools to help us: 1) our learning center. Our learning center has all the materials to help students to learn about AI. We have all the lectures and homeworks there. 2) our coding center. We provide a cloud computer to all our students. In this environment, we can view what students are typing in real-time. This greatly help us in teaching our students.

What are the class sizes?

For all our programs, we are only admitting 6 students per instructor. We experimented class sizes and found this is the right number of students for collaboration and personalized learning to happen.

What is the difference between the summer and the after-school program?

Both programs teach students the same materials, but the after-school program gives the students many opportunities to do homeworks. If you are looking for a tour of AI, the summer program is a great program. If you are looking for a solid understanding of the material, we highly recommend you join the after-school program.

Why are you doing this? What is your mission?

We experienced first-hand when our school education did not prepare us for the real world. Even though we had top degrees from top universities, the job market was tough for us as we did not what jobs were there, what to learn, and who could help. In addition, college tuition has skyrocketed. Student debt in the States has exceeded 1.6 trillion dollars and on average each student has $35,000 in student debt. To make the matter even worse, 50% of the students at the time of their graduation have no job. This must change.

We founded this camp to help students get ready for the real world. We are doing this through teaching AI first as it is something we are experienced in. By making an AI product, students get to know what jobs in the tech industry are like, learn in-demand skills, and build connections with our mentors and advisors for their network. We hope by doing this early in students' life we will make long-lasting impact. Our students will learn how to pick a major, how to learn, network, and eventually become leaders in their chosen fields.

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