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Advanced SKU & Hashtag

We suggest the following table of identifiers for product and shipping instructions for appendage to #TAG inclusive transactions using the underscore _ character as value separators. This system if viable for kiosk selling stations that will generate an on-screen Dynamic QR for the buyer to scan and pay based on user selectable options provided in the Kiosk UI. 

ID Table:

M = (male)

F = (female)

SIZE-XX-C = (size of a clothing item)

SIZE-XX-S = (size of a shoe item)

SIZE-XX-H = (size of a hat item)

COLOR-X = (color of item)

SHIP-R = (shipping red label or overnight)

SHIP-B = (shipping blue label or 2nd day)

SHIP-O = (shipping orange label or 3 day)

SHIP-G = (shipping ground or standard)



Sku Item 332234902 | female | Blue | size 6 clothing | shipping ground

Developer Steps:

Create and monitor a Webhook to the PayPal Invoice API Event: INVOICING.INVOICE.PAID using your developer credentials and parse the data using the following steps:

1) Verify the incoming Invoice "status" is in PAID status, see: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/api/invoicing/v1/#invoices_get (Note: if payment status is PENDING_PAYMENT then your parsing agent should place the transaction in a 8-hour checking cue to listen for a change to PAID status. If after 7 days the transaction never changes from PENDING_PAYMENT then your parsing agent should mark the transaction for manual review with your customer service provision. 

2) If PAID status is true, then parse data field objects:


reference: for #TAG processing of item number and product parameters outlined in the above example. 

billing_info: for capture of the buyer's e-mail address to send transaction confirmation and order status updates. 

shipping_info: for shipping information for the buyer. 


PayPal Invoice IDs should be verified as PAID before processing automated fulfillment. Digital Debit performs a PAID status check at the end of a payment transaction and before showing our Confirmation Panel to both the buyer and seller devices.